Kobe Bryant Designer Shoe Line


Kobe Bryant Follows in Jordan’s Footsteps With Designer Shoe Line

Kobe Bryant, also known as the “Black Mamba,” is known for his explosive speed, his effortless finesse, his scandals, and his numerous triumphs on the court and in his personal life. Kobe battled legal issues stemming from a sex scandal; but after beating the case, beating the other teams on the court, solidifying himself as the staple of the LA Lakers, and winning five championships and two MVP nominations, he decided to take his brand to the next level by creating his own shoe line. Today online shoppers and sneaker fanatics alike are buying Kobe shoe laces for his custom, comfortable, and performance oriented sneakers.

The first shoe designed by Bryant was in 2006, and was called the Zoom Kobe I. The shoe was actually designed specifically for the star player, and the design requirements were meant to handle the strenuous abuse of a professional NBA athlete during a game. Some features of the shoe include the ability to provide extra grip, which was “non-directional” on the shoe. This allowed the person wearing the shoe to maneuver quickly, without slipping, to the basket in a high speed burst, regardless of the direction needed to “juke” the other player. In other words, the tread design was state of the art, and was both functional and stylish in design.

While the Zoom was very successful, the design was taken to the next level for the next season, with lighter and more agile shoes designed to lower the center of gravity – and provide the athlete with a more responsive design. In addition to the purple Kobe shoe laces, the sneaker was completely stitched together, instead of the normal method which involves a sort of glue, or chemical bond between the sole of the shoe and the sides.

Green Bay Draft Ideas

Draft Speculations For The Green Bay Packers

There is no doubt that the Packers benefited tremendously from their class of draft picks from last season. In fact, the team managed to retain 10 of the 11 players that they opted to draft last year. Many of these players proved to be vitally important when Green Bay lost Aaron Rodgers. But during this next off season, many fans will undoubtedly be interested in finding out more information about getting Green Bay Packers tickets. They will also want to make sure that the team continues to improve. The team can do a lot to accomplish that if they make sound decisions during their upcoming draft selection process.

The team certainly won’t need to worry about getting another running back anytime soon. This is owing to the fact that Eddie Lacy had a surprisingly talented career start to his rookie season. He was able to make an immediate impact on the team, which helped them enhance their overall offensive capabilities. Ted Thompson will be leading many draft picks from the front office of the Green Bay Packers. He will be faced with a major challenge, since the Packers will have 20 players entering free agency. There are 17 of these players that will be unrestricted, which will add some extra challenges for people to consider.

Most fans of the team noted that many other draft picks proved to be a resounding success. The Green Bay Packers were fortunate enough to secure the rights to David Bakhtiari. He has appeared in the offensive tackle position, helping them form a cohesive line in front of the quarterback. The team arguably beat expectations for the season and still only narrowly lost to the 49ers in a closely fought playoff game. But most fans understandably want to get more out of these kinds of draft picks. This is why many people holding Packers tickets will want to closely pay attention to what happens.

San Fran Blows a Chance at the Superbowl

Recent Games For The San Francisco 49ers

Though the team had a strong performance this year, their season did come to an abrupt end when they lost to the Seattle Seahawks by a score of 17-23. The 49ers were forced to face their division rivals on the road during the NFC championship game, putting them at a significant disadvantage. But the team has a lot to be proud of this season, having accomplished quite a bit come off of their Super Bowl loss last year. This was actually the third year in a row that the team has made it to the NFL championship game. This represents a major turnaround for a franchise that had struggled over the past decade.

The team had managed to notch another playoff win against the Green Bay Packers. Several players on the team had great performances so far this season. Colin Kaepernick continued to develop as a quarterback, who did an admirable job up until the teams final stretch against the Seahawks. The offense also got a solid contribution from both Frank Gore and Michael Crabtree. This has left many to conclude that the team is in position for some strong performances throughout the next few seasons as well. Fans will undoubtedly want to buy 49ers tickets for the following season. There are actually some season 49ers tickets up for sale, which will appeal to many fans out there.

There are a few other bright spots on the horizon for the team. Most everyone will be interested to learn about the new players coming in for the team. Marcus Lattimore was picked up by the team during the second round of last year’s draft selection. This has left many people interested in how he might perform for the team. He has continued to rehabilitate his injured knee this season, but coach Harbaugh says that he is expected to play next year.

NASCAR Season Begins Soon

All New Season For NASCAR Set To Debut

Though the break lasted just a short while, it may have felt like an eternity for some people out there. This is part of the reason why people will want to start following the action and learning more about the race teams gearing up. Fox Sports 1 will unveil its new season of NASCAR Race Hub starting on January 27th, which promises to provide comprehensive coverage of all the events surrounding this sport. Fans from all over the country will want to tune in to learn more about how their team and favorite driver are performing. The series will track the major NASCAR events and issue real time updates. Fans everywhere will also want to purchase NASCAR tickets when they go on sale for these events.

There will be other major events that fans will want to follow with the debut of the season. Wednesday will showcase the official NASCAR Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony, which has become a time honored tradition. The event will be bringing in storied drivers such as Richard Petty and Harry Grant in to the collection of other stars from the past. Many current drivers will show up to the event to provide their support, including Jimmie Johnson and Tony Stewart. This will kick off an all new season that will undoubtedly get people interested in buying NASCAR tickets soon.

Fans of the sport will no doubt want to keep up with events through NASCAR Race Hub. This series will continue to bring in prominent guests from major teams throughout the league. The staff will host interviews and ask tough questions about performances during races. They will also open up debates on subjects and get the viewers involved as well. This will make an excellent companion piece to anyone who wants to stay up to date on major racing events as they unfold.

Three Players and a Bunch of Championships

How Jordan, Bryant, and James Changed the History of the NBA

The National Basketball Association has quickly become one of the most popular sports leagues in the United States. This is thanks in large part to the rising stardom of some key players and intense rivalries that have formed over the years. The league itself was formed in 1949, after merging together a few prominent teams. But over the decades, it has quickly grown in to one of the major sporting conferences in the world. This has helped build up international fame for many players, including Michael Jordan, Kobe Bryant and LeBron James. Some fans might be interested in learning a bit about the history of the league, which can spur them on towards buying cheap NBA tickets.

The league has long been defined by some of its different dynasties and historic rivalries. The Boston Celtics and Los Angeles Lakers have had a continuous rivalry that has lasted many decades in the league. This actually led to some early success for the NBA, since it drew in some substantial viewers. Since then, the league has seen the rise of some other prominent dynasties that included the Chicago Bulls during the 1990s. Some fans are eagerly waiting to see if the Miami Heat will form the next dynasty for the league, having already won two consecutive titles.

Since there are many fans of teams throughout the country, some people will want to find out how they can support their local team. They should show up to their games and just show that they support their team throughout the season. They can do this if they opt to buy some cheap NBA tickets, which are a surprisingly affordable option nowadays. Fans have discovered that they can save quite a bit of money by just purchasing these tickets when they are on sale. Others may want to learn how they can save by buying season tickets for their team

Miami Franchise Owners

Owners Behind the Franchise: Miami Heat

The Miami Heat have enjoyed some runaway success over the past few years, thanks in large part due to the leadership of the team. This has got many fans interested to buy Miami Heat tickets online. But it could be interesting for many fans to check out how the leadership of the team has allowed the Heat to propel to such success. This has largely occurred under the guidance of Micky Arison, who has owned the team since 1995. For the 17 years that Arison has owned the team, the Heat have won the title a total of 3 times. This has built up a legacy for the team in just a short time frame.

Part of the success of the team can be also attributed to the acquisition of several different key players. The team built its first championship run around players like Dwyane Wade and Shaquille O’Neal. Wade has actually stayed with the franchise throughout his time in the league. Over the past few seasons, the team has also added a couple new stars to the team. This has included LeBron James and Chris Bosh. This combination has allowed the franchise to put together two more consecutive title runs, adding to the overall legacy of the team.

There have been a few other major moves that have proven to be important additions to the team. This has included a few different moves in the head office, including the acquisition of Pat Riley as General Manager. Riley has also served as head coach of the time from time to time. With the recent success of the team, it is no surprise that the Heat are building a sizable fan base for themselves. Many fans will be interested in coming out to see their team, which should prove to be exciting each night. There are many people currently looking to buy Miami Heat tickets on sale while they are here.

United Center History


History of Chicago’s United Center

The United Center in Chicago is one of the most expansive and well-constructed sporting arenas located in the United States. It was originally constructed in 1992 and cost a total of $192 million to build. It plays host to both the Chicago Bulls and the Blackhawks, providing a considerable amount of diversity for fans in the area. The stadium is capable of seating over 21,000 fans, which will make for exciting events through these games. Fans may want to look in to how they can purchase Blackhawks tickets, since there are many different games being held here this season. These games will promise to offer people the experience of a lifetime when it comes to watching these teams play.

Local fans will likely know that the center itself rose to prominence during the 1990s, when the Chicago Bulls were making their title runs. But the arena has built up a reputation in its own right, having played host to these two teams for years now. It is also used for a few different types of concert events, which will have a lasting appeal to many people out there. Some will be impressed by the layout of the arena, since it does have a very expansive interior to it. There are a few different elements to the building that have allowed it to become an iconic image of both leagues.

Many fans have headed to the United Center to show their support for these teams. The Blackhawks have actually had some surprising success recently, which has helped to catapult them to prominence in their league. This has also helped the team draw in more fans, who are no doubt excited about the possibilities for the franchise. Many fans will want to check out the listings for how they could buy Blackhawks tickets, which is the perfect way for them to see how the team has developed.

Lakers Without Kobe

Upcoming Games for the LA Lakers in 2014

The Lakers have had a difficult opening run for their season so far, since they have been hamstrung by injuries so far. Many people will want to check out how they can book tickets to help support the team through this trying time. The Lakers have suffered injuries to some of their star players, including both Kobe Bryant and Steve Nash. This has left the team without some leadership, which has contributed to many losses so far this season. Some people are speculating how they will fair over the course of their next few games in the league. Fans should look in to how they can buy LA Lakers tickets to head out to see them soon.

Over the past few games, the Lakers have shown a few key weaknesses. The team most recently lost to the Phoenix Suns, in a game where they simply didn’t have the offensive firepower to match their opponents. Head coach Mike D’Antoni has remained adamant that this team is capable of making the playoffs, but he has also admitted that they have been slowed down by these recent injuries. The team will be tested over the next few weeks, since they will be facing some of the top talent in the league. Many fans are hoping that they will see the return of several key players before the Lakers suffer too many more defeats.

The team will face a particularly strong test on Christmas Day, when they will face the defending champion Miami Heat. They will likely have to enter this game without some of their key stars, which may prove to be a difficult test for many members of the team. Some people may want to look in to how they can buy tickets for this event to show their loyalty to team as they cope with these issues.

Knicks Trade Rumors

Baron Davis

NYK Trade Rumors and Season Predictions for 2014

Though the Knicks have built together a superstar team, they have not yet lived up to some of the lofty expectations over the past few years. This has led many people in the city to begin speculating about the future of the team and whether any major moves should be made by the front office. This has been fueling trade rumors and questions about whether Carmelo Anthony will stay after his contract has expired with the team. Some fans may want to buy Knicks tickets soon, since this can demonstrate support for the team during this time. Many will want to check out a listing of the upcoming games that are set to be featured through the league soon.

Among many of the rumors, some have wondered whether the team will be switching their coach at any point in the future. Mike Woodson has brought some considerable success to the team recently, but this season has not lived up to expectations. There has also been some tension noted between Woodson and the owner of the team. But many fans have expressed that they enjoy the current coach and wonder if there is some other reason why the team seems to be struggling recently. This may prompt other kinds of trades in the future of the team.

Some people have suggested that the Knicks may need a shake-up for its supporting cast, which has created a few different rumors. There are some who are speculating whether the team may actually trade off Iman Shumpert and Tyson Chandler. Some are also wondering whether the front office will continue to let the team skid during this season, since the Knicks have been on a recent losing streak. Many residents in the area will be interested in how they can buy Knicks tickets, since this can provide support for the franchise.

NHL Drama


NHL Rumors and Scandals: New York Rangers, Detroit Red Wings, and the Oilers

With a few weeks of the newest NHL season already underway, this has left many fans interested in the different types of moves that teams may be making. Many teams have already emerged as leaders in the season so far, but other contenders may be interested in making some major trade moves. This has generated a considerable amount of fan interest, since they will want to follow some of the most recent trade rumors being generated in the league. Some fans will want to look in to how they can buy NHL tickets online, since this can let them show up to see their favorite teams make a move towards the post-season.

The New York Rangers are looking to make some considerable moves over the next weeks. These moves have been initiated by General Manager Bryan Murray, who will be looking to add new pieces to the team. Murray has been looking to trade a couple defensive players on the team, including Michael Del Zotto and Dan Girardi. This has got many people interested to see how these changes affect the team as they go forward. It could prove to be a fresh infusion of talent for the team, which could help propel them to the top of the leader board.

There are a few other teams interested in making major moves over the course of the next few weeks. The Detroit Red Wings have expressed an interest in acquiring Alex Edler. The Edmonton Oilers have also been looking in to getting Ben Scrivens on to their roster. These changes could produce a significant impact on the league, since it will represent a major shift in talent. Teams will be looking to complete these trades soon, which can help position teams to succeed for the rest of the season. Fans should look in to how they can buy NHL tickets, which will include great deals for them.

Thornton Suspended

Boston Struggles to Deal with Thornton Suspension

Shawn Thornton was sentenced to a mind-boggling 15 game suspension after getting into a violent scuffle on the ice during the Pittsburgh Penguins, Boston Bruins game on December 7, 2013. The drama began after Thornton seriously injured rival player, Brooks Orpik, which ultimately lead to his traumatic injury. Orpik was wrestled to the ice and hit numerous times after participating in a “scrum”; or post whistle fight. These types of occurrences are normal, but in this particular instance, the NHL felt determined to make an example out of this “bumping of heads”. Will this affect sales of Boston Bruins tickets?

NHL Changes the Image of the League in 2013

As mentioned prior, Hockey fights are part of the NHL. It is very rare for these fights to last longer than a few minutes, and many fans have embraced the violent, often highly anticipated moments created during the “heat of the game”. It seems as if the league is slowly trying to change their perception, similar to that of the NFL, who has ceased to glorify certain aspects of the game(s), such as touchdown dances; imposing steep fines for individuals which are hell-bent on breaking the rules. Nonetheless, this instance was special, and judging from the video, perhaps justified as Penguins fans watched in horror on live TV.

What does Shawn’s Suspension Mean for the Bruins?

Bruins fans may be able to score cheap Bruins tickets as the fate of their left/right wing remains uncertain. Ironically, Thornton’s role of “enforcer” backfired against him this game as he received the unusually long suspension; many are claiming that the malicious intent behind the attack was extraordinary, thus justifying the lengthy suspension sentence. Thornton maintains his innocence, claiming that he was defending his teammates – Orpik was involved in a fight just prior to his ultimate injury which put him in the hospital overnight. Sportscasters are speculating that Shawn just might be the first person to appeal the NHL in light of the circumstances.

Cash Advances For Businesses


Merchant Banking Services

Say you own your own business. You have a proposition to open a new location and the desire is burning inside you to open more locations and become a successful franchisee within your geographic location. What do you do to acquire the capital necessary to open a new location and where do you go? How hard is it? How long will it take? These are all questions a business owner has asked themselves even from day one with a single location. Locating the best business cash advance companies is a daunting task that requires a decent amount of research in order to decide on the best fit for your business to grow. Growth is inevitable; it’s what all business owners dream of, the American Dream. As your single business grows you will probably think about expanding. The model is there, the business is there, it’s the perfect timing to open a new location and grow the foundation. The major problem: money.

Business owners can take advantage of a Merchant Cash Advance when they need capital and need it fast. If your current business is doing well in sales and you have tried going to the bank and getting a traditional business loan, you have probably figured out that you cannot procure a loan, or it will take too long or is too difficult and just give up. That’s a huge problem for business owners who need hard cash and have the previous sales to back it up, but the harsh reality that the banks are not lending. A Merchant Cash Advance is the middle ground between a traditional bank loan and giving up equity to acquire capital. It’s expensive money when you first look at it, but once you add it as a line item cost you begin to understand that this money is just that, a line item cost. In the long run, it is the expense of doing business, and when banks are not lending, a Merchant Cash Advance is the perfect alternative to either loans or equity swap.

Where to Eat, Drink, or Party at in Arlington VA

Arlington VA – Establishments to Enjoy

Bars in Arlington VA have been known to draw in a young crowd that are hip, dress well, and ready to party.  The Arlington Virginia area has a plethora of bars that are also fantastic restaurants, offering different types of food to its customers.   Thebest restaurants in Arlington VA include, Mad Rose Tavern, Cava, Fuego, Liberty Tavern, and many others.  These are just a few of the fun venues that also provide healthy conscious and delicious food in the area.  These bar/restaurants provide several different atmospheres drawing in all sorts of crowds to this area.

Mad Rose Tavern

Mad Rose is a large venue that provides live music to its customers using DJ’s, live bands, and famous singers to draw large crowds of young business professionals.  The food here is exquisite and tasteful.  They have a wide range of appetizers and entrees that will satisfy your appetite or will fill you up just enough to enjoy a few of their house made cocktails.  Their large dance floor provides an area for hundreds of people to enjoy the live music and show of their dance moves.  They also offer hookah outside on their large patio while you enjoy dinner or drinks with friends.


Cava is a Mediterranean establishment that offers traditional Greek and Mediterranean dishes and puts a playful spin on them.  Cava is a tapas restaurant and has really enjoyable wines and house made cocktails that partner well with their entrees.  The staff is friendly and the atmosphere is fun.


Fuego has one simple difference than any other Mexican restaurant or establishment in the Arlington VA area and that is, tequila. They have numerous amounts of sipping and shooting tequila from Mexico that coincide with your beautifully architected shrimp, fish, steak, goat, or chicken tacos.

Liberty Tavern 

Liberty Tavern has a huge selection of beer on tap and by bottle that only world of beer in Ballston can match.  Their beer also goes very well with their awesome burgers and wings.  Liberty is an awesome sports bar but also provides a nice area to relax and enjoy your microbrew.

Washington DC Affordable Office Space

Looking for Affordable Office Space

Deciding on locations to place a business’s headquarters can be frustrating and downright annoying. Permanent office space can be expensive and restrictive to a business man or woman that needs to be able to have a quiet location to work, other than in a hotel room. There are multiple options on the market that can achieve this desired result of leasing or owning permanent office space in different geographic areas or cities.  The best choice is OSI offices with their cheap office space in Washington dc for rent.  OSI has a pay-as-you-go billing schedule and allows clients to only pay for the time they use office space or their services.  There are no hidden fees or tricks, OSI is here to help clients and not take advantage of them.

When traveling to Washington DC many stay at the nice hotels that have a board room or a computer lab of some kind that is free to use.  The problem with either of those choices is the simple fact that EVERYONE tries to take advantage of these free business rooms.  Utilizing OSI while in town, whether it be for a week or a month, can be very beneficial when you need space for one or ten clients.  The cheap office space in Washington DC for rent that OSI provides creates an executive feel and a high persona for its clients. Bringing customers to the atmosphere OSI has designed will create a comfort level for them that no other office space can create.  These offices are affordable and provide a great décor.  Call OSI today!